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Caprivi is often referred to as the caprivi strip and is located in namibia, east of the okavango region and northeast of the zambezi river. African sky combines the caprivi with other destinations in namibia, and therefore the long drive will not be necessary. There are regions in namibia, but of these only the zambezi boasts 6 ethnic tribes subia, yeyi, mafwe, san, tortela and mbukushu. Caprivi, or the caprivi strip, is a salient of namibia which is and has been known by various names. Call for a political solution namibias national society for human rights nshr calls upon the namibian government to opt for a comprehensive negotiated settlement of the caprivi conflict. It is bordered by botswana to the south, and by angola and zambia to the north. He is a hero who dedicated his life and fought for the independence and freedom of the caprivi strip. The caprivi is considered to many as namibias garden of eden. In the far north eastern corner of namibia lays a strip of land rich in cultural and wildlife, scott adams captures the adventure as a small group of travel industry experts explore the land. The physical geography of the region is an extremely flat plain. The caprivi strip is located in the far northern outskirts of namibia, approximately 850km from windhoek international airport via the recently paved transcaprivi highway.

Namibias caprivi strip exists because the germans forgot. Namibia blames savimbi for caprivi secessionist rebellion. Far removed from the clash and clamour of suburban life steeped in history, mystery and conflict, the fabled caprivi strip remains one of namibias bestkept secrets. Caprivi is made up of villages, of which each village has a headman.

It also doesn t mean that we don t know the history of our motherland. Selfcatering, villas, holiday homes, guest houses, bed and breakfast, cottages and more. Pdf land use practices in eastern caprivi, namibia. Its main eruption occurred on 2 august 1999 when the cla launched an attack in katima mulilo. Caprivi strip, long, narrow extension of namibia, running about 280 miles 450 km from the northeast corner of the main block of the country eastward to the zambezi river. Caprivi houseboat safaris lodge is an exclusive lodge nestled amid a lush green garden on the banks of the zambezi river, a few kilometers east of katima mulilo. Caprivi collection comprises of exclusive safari retreats for the discerning traveler in the remote eastern caprivi region of namibia in southern africa. Depart from the lodge on one of our speciallydesigned safari boats for a safari down the zambezi andor chobe rivers. Fed by a multitude of rivers, this area was previously known as the caprivi strip and has a very different character to the rest of the stark namibian landscape.

In 2014 the caprivi strip was renamed the zambezi region, swapping the name of a german governor for that of one southern africas great rivers. The caprivi strip in the north east of namibia is mainly inhabited by the lozi people. This page describes the 1999 antigovernment uprising in namibias caprivi strip region. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that. The caprivi strip is a legacy of colonialism, a long finger of territory that pokes eastwads out of northern namibia, and runs along the borders with angola and botswana towards zambia and. But this is the land of large trees, so when youre near the rivers, look out for one of my favourites, the huge sausage tree, kigelia africana, which will now be in flower.

On offer is comfortable accommodation, a very shady campsite, bar, restaurant, swimming pool and a variety of activities, which include fishing, boat cruises, bird watching, canoeing, bicycles. Save your favourite travel ideas and see them on a map. The caprivi conflict was an armed conflict between the namibian government and the caprivi liberation army, a rebel group working for the secession of the caprivi strip. The attempted coup in caprivi was illplanned and badly executed. Its eastern tip is only about 100 m from the borders of zimbabwe.

The state of emergency imposed on namibia s caprivi region after a rebel uprising would end on wednesday because the situation has stabilised. Pdf land use practices in caprivis chagnging political. Until the end of the 19 th century, this region was known as itenga and was under the control of the lozi kings, from barotseland, which makes up part of modern day western zambia, it later formed part of the british protectorate of bechuanaland, today known as botswana. Namibias caprivi strip is a long narrow extension of land, running about 450 km from the northeast corner of the main body of the country to the floodplains and islands of the zambezi river. Caprivi collection caprivi namibia safari lodges namibia. Justice delayed is justice denied the caprivi treason. The knobthorn is quite prolific here, and like the silver terminalia terminalia sericea, is an easily recognisable species of the region. Keep the border at masharemukuve and restore mukwe to caprivi region immediately for the sake of our democracy and spirit of reconciliation. Flood plains are dotted with broadleafed woodlands and the wildlife is. Caprivi olidays to the wetlands paradise caprivi,also called the caprivi strip, can be a great opportunity to meet the many and varied peoples of namibia and experience scattered tribal village life. At this point in time the luxury sport range is our entry level option but in true caprivi style boasts all the aesthetic appeal and durability that is synonymous with the caprivi brand and its higherend range options. Geography the caprivi is a tropical area, with high temperatures and much rainfall during the decembertomarch rainy season, making it the wettest region of namibia. Watching the nation creating the reading culture by informing, educating and entertaining the nation. Unlike other regions in namibia, the caprivi is something different.

Dear prime minister, the international bar association iba is writing to respectfully express its concerns over the treatment of the 122 defendants standing trial on charges of connection with the secessionist caprivi uprising of august 1999 in namibia. Henry van rooi, the namibian the exiled head of the rebels fighting for independence for the caprivi region in namibia has warned they will attack again. Caprivi adventures is a namibian tourism board ntb registered adventure and activities company based in katima mulilo. The corona virus has a a devastating impact on the tourism sector in namibia. Caprivi, when compared to other areas in namibia, is relatively densely populated. Large expanses of open water are fringed with palm trees, reeds and papyrus. During the apartheid era, the territory was used by the south african army as a launchpad for its operations in neighbouring angola. Until the end of the 19th century it was known as intenga and under rule of the lozi kings, but later forming part of the british bechuanaland protectorate known as. We also offer a selection of smallgroup camping and lodge safaris to namibia, including some that visit the caprivi, through our sister company wild about africa. Caprivi rebels warn of more attacks wounded soldiers on their way to hospital photo. Rivers were often used as boundaries and the zambezi and chobe rivers flowing through this area have five different southern african countries along. Uprising in the caprivi bbc africa reporter caroline hawley looks at the background to the secessionist rebellion in the remote namibian province. Mashi river safaris was founded by dan stephens in 2010 in order to enrich what the caprivi has to offer with an idea.

Minorities in independent namibia minority rights group. My home for 18 months and i was with the team when this was shot, as intelligence photographer. Yeyi speakers in botswana and in namibia regard the presentday caprivi strip. Irish artists are not helped by cloudcuckooland responses to the covid19 crisis. Bbc news africa caprivi rebels warn of more attacks. Safaris in the caprivi strip speak to our team for more detail on the parks of the caprivi and to start planning you tailor made safari into this varied and rewarding area. Contentsshow background the caprivi strip in the north east of namibia is mainly inhabited by the lozi people. A chronology of key events in the history of namibia from the 15th century to the. Here we have access to three of the best hunting concessions in the eastern caprivi, namely salambala, kabulabula and lusese. Mr alfred tawana matengu, the vice president of the united democratic party udp has been murdered by the occupation and annexation police while in their prison in namibia.

The purple violet of oshaantu by neshani andreas, the last train to zona verde. The caprivi conflict involved an armed conflict in namibia between the caprivi liberation army cla, a rebel group aiming for the secession of the caprivi strip led by mishake muyongo, and the namibian government. Though the insurrection was rapidly, and overzealously, put down by government, rumours abounded that the clf had been trained and. Caprivi in namibia is a lush, subtropical wetlands. Mavunje camp is situated in the caprivi, at the banks of the kwando river. Its width varies from about 20 to 65 miles 32 to 105 km. Iba iba expresses concern over treatment of caprivi. South africa used caprivi as a base to attack swapo positions in angola the caprivi strip differs from the rest of namibia geographically, politically and in its ethnic makeup. Namibias caprivi strip, a 280milelong panhandle, only exists as is because germans thought the zambezi would lead to the indian ocean.

The caprivi uprising of august 1999 was not a spon. The caprivi is a strange strip of land in the north east of namibia, created not by traditional tribal boundaries, but at the whim of colonial masters. List of books and articles about namibian history online research. The armed uprising in the caprivi region in august 1999 was the latest manifestation of a secessionist movement among members of the lozispeaking ethnic groups in namibia which dates back several decades.

Caprivi, kavango and zambezi the northeastern tract of namibia is an isolated finger that points towards the heart of southern africa. Keep, caprivi for people from caprivi and kavango for people from kavango land grabbing is intolerable and will not be tolerated in any case. All properties are situated either on river islands or along perennial river banks, on private concessions inside conservancies or national game parks and have traversing rights in excess of. The history of the caprivi african national union canu is barely covered in namibian historiography dealing with the liberation struggle. Designed as a resource for students, researchers and anyone interested in current events. This range comes standard with leather paneling in the. The 5 best things to do in caprivi region 2020 with. Caprivi houseboat safaris river accommodation in namibia. It encompasses a narrow panhandle which stretches eastward for 450 km, with angola and zambia to the north, botswana to the south and zimbabwe to the east. Lush woodland forests, wetlands, rivers and deltas all form part of this unique and beautiful eco system. Caprivi accommodation the caprivi strip is located in the north east of namibia and borders with botswana, angola and zambia. Caprivi, one of namibia s provinces, is a geographically isolated corridor to the northeast of namibia which borders botswana, zambia and. To mark what it terms the almost fouryear delay in trial proceedings, ai released a report on the issue yesterday. This area has a very interesting history, quite different to the rest of the country.

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