Cleveland launcher dst driver shaft length of pros

Cleveland launcher dst drivers in stock for next working day delivery. Distance and dispersion was where the launcher dst reallyexcelled. This was among the longest on test for pro chris and leon who both. Cleveland launcher dst 460 9 driver kusala black xflex whc rh. Cleveland launcher dst tour driver pga value guide. Shaft miyazaki kusala black tour issue 61 xflex graphite flex 5667. The launcher hb turbo remains the simple, fussfree and walletfriendly driver choice for golfers that should see gains in performance when using the correct shaft and loft combination. Make offer new cleveland grip dynamic gold r300 dst 94 std length rflex shaft cleveland fujikura launcher silver r regular flex graphite 7 wood shaft. It produces faster clubhead speed for greater overall distance 310 yards. It was commended in the golf digest 2010 hot list and makes a great driver for players at any skill level. Swingweights may vary depending on the custom shaft. Those with already fast swingspeeds are more likely to enjoy the control benefits of shorter shafts while higher. The cleveland launcher dst driver is available in three different lofts. Cleveland is certainly not the first to make their drivers lighter but they did so by keeping the original and classic appearance intact appearance, size and shape of the original launcher.

Cleveland has developed the lightest driver on the pga tour in the launcher dst its sports a full 25 grams lighter overall club weight. Custom build lengths are the same as standard build lengths. Cleveland launcher hb turbo irons supply distance and forgiveness. With the recently released launcher hb turbo driver, cleveland targeted. The cleveland launcher dst driver offers a wellrounded, gameimproving 460cc head with a light body and fast speed to boost distance and forgiveness. If you just want to hit more fairways, launch the ball high and still achieve good distance, this is the club you should try. Mishits benefit from a higher trampoline effect for more ballspeed and distance. The shallow face and low cg of the hibore series promote a higher ball flight. The launcher dst driver promises to be another surefire success touting a lightweight chassis that will dramatically increase ball speed. Whats the average driver shaft length on the pga tour. Cleveland golf has established itself as a premier golf club manufacturer. Mishits benefit from a higher trampoline effect for more ballspeed and distance 9 grams of weight is removed from the face and repositioned low and deep in the clubhead. Uncut shaft length this shaft configuration is designed to maximize performance for the cg launcher cbx and cg launcher hb iron sets. The driver had a stiff shaft and i was hitting it very straight, some shots had a nice draw.

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