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After purchasing your flight, you will have the opportunity to select a seat. Every other time ive flown virgin atlantic the flight attendant has introduced themselves by name and asked if i was familiar with the seat, though they didnt do that this time around. Virgin atlantic premium seat selection air travel forum. It did show how few people paid for seat selection though. You can still visit my booking to assign and pay for your. Booking seats in advance virgin atlantic air travel. Find our best fares on your next flights to the us and beyond, with a fantastic choice of food, drinks, award winning entertainment and onboard wifi. Each is configured with upper class virgin s name for business class, premium economy class and. You payed the going rate for the flights, a price you were happy to pay to be transported from ab. I booked with virgin atlantic in november last year for travel to new york on may th returning on june 3rd from orlando. Seatguru seat map virgin atlantic airline seat maps.

Risks of connecting between flights on separate tickets. While i booked the christmas holiday tickets for my husband and i in september, we werent able to select our actual seats at the time of booking. Virgin atlantic fleet aircraft seat map and layout. If youve decided youre no longer travelling with us, and would prefer not to change your ticket to another flight, please enter your details below to request a refund. Join me on my journey on virgin atlantic s newest economy class onboard their boeing 7879 from delhi to london heathrow. The virgin atlantic website will display the passengers flight itinerary. Select an available seat on the seat map and click submit to confirm the seat. Our economy cabin provides brilliant service, great food and inflight entertainment.

The virgin atlantic boeing 7879 aircraft features a three class configuration with 31 lieflat bed upper class seats, 35 premium economy seats, and 198 standard economy class seats. Virgin atlantic business class predeparture champagne. This is by far the biggest issue i have with the flight. Virgin atlantic flying with babies airline seating charts. I originally did this when i booked but virgin have revised their selection policy and i am now somewhat confused. The airlines fleet consists of 10 airbus a330300, 11 airbus a340600, 12 boeing 747400 and seven boeing 7879 planes. Per this flyertalk thread, it appears as if virgin atlantic has updated their seating policy page, and will soon begin charging for advance seat assignments.

It seemed like a good deal until he tried to select his seats. Home book my booking check in flight status destinations fly with us flying club. My first impression of the seat virgin atlantic a330 premium economy was that it was clean, well padded, comfortable on the back and featured a fast, sharp touch screen. Virgin atlantic seat selection air travel message board.

Virgin atlantic is one of the premier airlines for travel to and from the united kingdom. Are there child discounts for travel on virgin atlantic flights. Frequently asked questions about seating virgin atlantic. Deals on cheap flights on virgin atlantic airlines can be found anytime at expedia. However, if a customer wants to select specific seats before then, they will be able to do so from 336 days before their flight, for a fee. Scroll down and take a peep to find your perfect getaway. Virgin atlantic pe seat selection air travel message. If you booked before 17 march 2018, your fare didnt include the cost of being able to reserve your seat in advance of your flight. For your next virgin atlantic flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats.

According to their web site, economy passengers dont get seats until checkin. Understanding the differences between virgin atlantics 3. Cabins and seats seat comparison how our upper class, premium and economy seats measure up. On the flight cabins and seats our cabins and seats. Infants who reach 2 years old between their outbound and return trip will need a seat booked for the return flight. If i fly with no children should you be prioritised over me for seat selection. Children under age 2 must sit in a seat or on a lap. Compare seats in different cabin classes virgin atlantic. Discounted virgin australia lounge memberships and offers yearround. Finally, virgin atlantic has partnered with a brit candlemaker to create a signature perfume called air. Ave was very good with a selection of over 30 movies that changed about half way through the flight.

Virgin atlantic offers child discounts depending on the childs age at the time of travel. Receive monthly progress reports from a dedicated account management team. Weve got a couple of seats in pe booked for a flight in september. Cabins include seating in upper class, prem economy, and economy. They bring a touch of glamour to air travel, especially if youre flying in upper class with its cabin bar perfect for mingling with other passengers or its stylish airport clubhouses. Virgin atlantic to charge for advance seat assignments. If you would like to manage a booking made before 12 january 20, you will need to contact the guest contact centre flight extras such as additional bags, extra legroom seats and. Virgin atlantic charges extra for bulkhead and other seats which have more legroom.

Please verify that you submitted the correct flight number. Virgin atlantic fleet consists of 44 aircraft with 17 boeing 7879 dreamliner, 8 boeing b747 400, 5 airbus a340 600, 10 airbus a330 300, 4 airbus a330 200. If you need to locate a specific flight number, please refer to our flight schedules section. Economy advanced seat assignment asa for virgin atlantic. Advance seat selection can be made at time of booking online or via our guest contact centre.

Booked two flights to vegas for september 20 and have just been informed by virgin customer service that i can not reserve my seats until june which is five months away. These are usually allocated bulkhead seats closer to the day of travel, which frees up the other seats. If you are travelling on a flight operated by delta air lines, you can manage your flight by going to my trips on the delta website. Thats when i learned of virgin atlantic s new seat selection policy an additional 25 euros per seat a total of 100 euros for. Economy classic comes with advanced standard seat assignment included, so theres no worries about paying extra to get the seats you want, next to the people you want. As previously stated, its a seating request not a reservation. Virgin atlantic is famous for creating memorable journeys, by providing awardwinning, excellent value products and friendly service in every class. If you want the best in flight entertainment, try to avoid virgin a340 aircraft, which are a bit older and sluggish. Virgin atlantic s customer service is at the heart of its business, so if you like your coffee served with a smile, virgin atlantic could be the airline for you. I kept a good eye on the seat map and right up to a couple of days before the flight, there were very few seats pre. Complimentary meals are provided between brisbane, melbourne and sydney to perth.

Enjoy a wider purple leather seat, equivalent to some other airlines business class. Featuring attentive crew, delicious food and a comfy seat. Virgin atlantic premium cabins and seats virgin atlantic. Booking seats in advance virgin atlantic watch this topic. We have booked premium economy seating on a virgin atlantic flight in november. No offence but it gets a bit silly when families of ten expect to be able to sit together on a plane in the exact place they want, it wont hurt to fly in smaller groups dotted around the plane i just flew to havana and back with virgin and it did the job nicely, free food, good seat back entertainment, the drinks trolley was very rare coming sadly but its the best uk airline i have flown. And with virgin atlantic s partnership with delta air lines, you can discover more of the usa with more flights to the us destinations that you want to go to. Find out more about the virgin atlantic fleet and discover our current and forthcoming aircraft, as well as seating map and layout.

If youre still having trouble, check the virgin atlantic website or give us a call on 0344 209 7777. How to fly virgin atlantic heathrow london to the us. These seats are referred to as extra legroom seats. Free seat selection within 24 hours doesnt apply to extra. Looking for cheap flights to roosendaal from airlines such as american airlines, delta, united, jetblue, frontier, and more. Dont worry, you will get your premium seats if youve booked in that cabin. Wherever it is in the world youre heading to, whether its australia, antigua or africa, you can be sure that virgin atlantic will provide a fantastic service. And if youre happy to pack less, economy light means you still get everything youd expect on a great flight but at a price you wouldnt.

Virgin australia offers a variety of in flight entertainment options dependent on the route flown, aircraft type and availability. Choosing from a selection of threecourse meal options, we pay attention to the smaller details so your in. About a month ago i booked 2 premium economy seats for my wife and i from atllhr via when booking i selected seats 24h and 24k. Between 18 december 20 and 30 january 2014 you will only be able to assign seats for flights departing on or before 01 march 2104. Virgin atlantic also has codeshare agreements with eight other carriers.

Seatguru seat map virgin australia airline seat maps. With a range of cabin classes available with virgin atlantic, you can design the way want to fly, so take a look at all the different cabins and seating options. Could find a power point for charging, but had usb charging. For your next virgin australia flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom. Changes can only be made to certain fares and your booking may attract fees and surcharges migrated bookings cannot be managed online. I have booked a trip lax to london on virgin atlantic, and i am not allowed to select my seats.

Save 10% on select domestic and international flights. Note the flexibility of your booking depends on the fare family purchased. Virgin atlantic pe seat selection air travel forum. At no point during the booking process was this mentioned. Compare virgin atlantic seats in different cabin classes. Heres where we bring you a selection of our favourite worldwide destinations, departing london and manchester. They are known by travelers all over the world for their commitment to customer service and their irreverent sense of humor. I have tried to reserve our seats but have found that the whole cabin is showing on the seat map as having no seats available. Virgin atlantic is a private regular airline that was founded in 1984 in the united kingdom. You could take the position that light is incredibly cheap for a trans atlantic flight on a fullservice airline norwegian may be a similar price and also not include seat selection or checked bags but it wont include a cabin bag and food and drinks like virgin. That wasnt an issue, but just something that stood out to me. How ridiculous are these virgin atlantic seat reservation.

How do i select my seat for a virgin atlantic operated flight. All virgin atlantic passengers may choose their seat online for free, once check in opens, 24 hours before flight departure. Can anyone clarify when i can actually select seats. I have noticed in delta appwebsite several times since then that my seat selection has been removed. Virgin atlantic s brand new panasonic fully touch screen avod system jam, is available in all classes featuring over 300 hours of on demand entertainment. Flight deals 20202021 flight offers virgin atlantic. This article has been amended to include that passengers get free seat selection with the economy light fare, but only beginning 24 hours before flight.

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