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Abuse baekhyun baekhyun exo k baekyeol chanyeol chen chen exom chenmin choi minho cho kyuhyun comedy d. It just pulled me in and forced me to feel with the characters. Sending a malec prompt your way the other day i was wondering how it would be for malec to go dancing at the club so yeah, have fun with it. A super long list of a few amazing eunhae fanfics in sloppily done. Hyukhaes secret love fanfiction scan magazine interview hyukhae national couple. This is the combined pairing name for the super junior members eunhyuk and donghae a lot of people consider them one of the least cheating couple in super junior very loyal to each other.

Enter your email address to follow kpop fanfic list and receive notifications of new fanfic links by email. Lee donghaelee hyukjae eunhyuk works archive of our own. Ill be recommending some fics also under some writers but i rest assure all of you that all of their works are great and i know youll love themso just click on the authors name and it will lead you to the links of their fanfictions. Ok for this fic, i enlisted the help of my sister henchie lee since the song prompt was angela although it was an upbeat songits english meaning is a little angsty and the genre requested was a fluff. Oui, je ne fais pas souvent des pubs et cellela na aucun rapport avec le eunhae, veuillez mexcuser. I made pdf for my friend,if you want you can download it here. Some eunhae facts that i wanted to share with you guys. Oct 04, 2011 this is my new donghaehyukjae fanvid it turned out much longer than i intended, lol. Their fanfictions varies from different genre, ratings and it could be haehyuk hyukhae. Quite busy and to be honest im stuck somewhere again uh. Both were in love with each other until one day tragedy happened, all the love eunhyuk had for donghae was all gone. Donghae was hyukjaes friend, sworn to rescue hyukjae.

Posts about eunhae fanfic written by kimi42245 kimi. I dont actually know how i quite feel about this fic. Donghae walks into the dorm with small quiet steps, making sure he doesnt wake up the other members. Since the morning two police officers came to his doorstep, his life was never the same. Sorry for hanging my other fmvs hanging for a while now. Sat on a black leather sofa in the vip section overlooking the other club goers, magnus and alec were pressed close. After being kidnapped by a guy he met on his way to his sisters house in mokpo, 16 years old donghae has been forced to be in malemale world, where he is the victim. Some things happen to us unexpectedly, and due to them our lives take a one hundred eighty degrees turn. I got inspired to write this ages ago, and started it then too but miraculously finished it tonight. I just wanna say, since some people are sensitive to this stuff that hyukjae in this story has a mental deficiency, the author hasnt said whats wrong with hyukjae yet though. Donghae quickly rushes off to eunhyuks room making sure to be quiet. Let me be your perfect husband, longfic, nc17, trans, trans fic. This is my new donghaehyukjae fanvid it turned out much longer than i intended, lol. Hyukhaes neverland this is the fanpage for eunhae and.

All i really know is that it absolutely mesmerised me as it took me through all the feelings that the characters within it felt. Long fic its my own way kyuhae, sihae, eunhae created date. O exok do kyungsoo exok donghae eunhae eunhyuk exo exok exom fanfiction fantasy hunhan joghyun jonghyun jonghyun onew shinee jonghyun shinee kai kai exok kaido kaisoo kekerasan key kris krystal kyuhyun kyumin kyungsoo lay lee. The duos first official performance was on december 16, 2011, on kbss. The subgroup is composed of two super junior members donghae and eunhyuk. Donghae knew that like him, hyukjae found his dad too strict and scary. This is simply a tumblr to help you find those amazing eunhae and kyumin stories youve been missing out on. Authors own download links, so it means it is legit stuff. I didnt want to really say anything about it because i didnt know when i was going to get it done. Yes this is from the same universe as my eunhae wants it series. Mais cette pub vous rendra le sourire rapidement et vous me remercierez oui oui, rangez ces cailloux.

Donghae is a new member of super junior, the most popular and the hottest idols. May 24, 2019 long fic its my own way kyuhae, sihae, eunhae created date. Sometimes well get over it and our lives get back to normal whereas it wasnt the case for lee donghae. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Album azusa brother x brother cd chinese version chuy. Full you need to be registered to watch or do download. Looking back to the past days, lee donghaeguy insisted that hed buy me a wallet. I find this fic a must read for any eunhae shipper out there, its an amazing story so please give it a try.

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